COVID-19 Response ★ Re-elect Carlo DeMaria for Mayor

COVID-19 Response

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began over one year ago, Mayor Carlo DeMaria stepped forward and ensured Everett was prepared for the worst. From the very beginning, Mayor DeMaria has been relentless in getting all Everett residents the help they needed. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to fade away, Everett’s road to recovery is still not complete. Through persistent leadership, Mayor DeMaria was able to:

  • Converted the City’s Senior Center into a fully operational food pantry which serves over 1000+ residents weekly and has distributed over 1.5 million pounds of food.
  • Advocated for and received over $3.1 million in additional CARES Act funding
  • Fought for and received an additional $33 million in ARPA funding after the Federal and State Government failed to adequate provide for Everett
  • Provide daily meal delivery to over 500+ homebound senior citizens while employing the procurement process to ensure Everett small businesses are being utilized.
  • Establish mobile vaccination clinics throughout Everett
    • Over 40% of Everett residents have been full vaccinated so far
  • Maintain COVID-19 testing sites throughout the pandemic

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