Diversity and Inclusion ★ Re-elect Carlo DeMaria for Mayor

Diversity and Inclusion

Everett For Everyone hasn’t just been a campaign slogan but it has been a driving message for Mayor DeMaria’s administration over the last 14 years. Being one of the most diverse cities in the Commonwealth and coming from a family that emigrated from Italy to Everett, Mayor DeMaria recognizes the importance of identity and ensuring that all Everett residents are welcome and can stay true to themselves. So far, he has:

  • Implemented language access program for all City employees to communicate with all residents in over 300+ languages.
  • Created and is actively interviewing for the position of Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Integrated hiring practices that focus on ensuring City Hall employees are reflective of the community including but not limited to those who are multilingual.
  • Conducted bi-weekly meetings with Everett Safe and Welcoming Coalition and Everett Community Based Organizations to ensure their needs are being addressed.
  • Hosted multicultural events and flag raisings to ensure inclusivity throughout the community.
    • Most recently hosting Everett’s 1st annual Juneteenth Flag Raising Ceremony
  • Assisted in creating and funding Everett’s 1st LGBTQ+ Youth and Resource Center.

While as a country and as a city we have come a long way, Mayor DeMaria realizes that we have not come far enough. Through creating more safe spaces, flag-raising ceremonies, and devoting more support and resources to underrepresented communities, Mayor DeMaria wants everyone to know that Everett welcomes them with open arms. Here is what Mayor DeMaria plans to do if he is re-elected:

  • Open more safe spaces for different communities to feel welcome and confident with who they are
  • Allocate more resources towards underrepresented communities
  • Host community workshops to educate and promote inclusion

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