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Education / For the Kids

With over 7,000 students enrolled in the Everett Public School system and as a graduate of the Everett school system himself, Mayor Carlo DeMaria recognizes what it takes for students to be successful once they graduate high school. Over the past 14 years, Mayor DeMaria and his administration have been able to:

  • Spent close to $12 Million renovating and upgrading the education system and its resources
  • George Keverian School
    • Complete renovation of Tot Lot + Parking Lot
  • Parlin Junior High School
    • Renovated windows, exterior doors, AC, electrical upgrades, gymnasium, library
    • Repointing of bricks
    • Replaced hardwood floors
    • Conversion of locker rooms + bathrooms to more classrooms and new bathrooms + lockers for staff and students
    • New roof
    • Repaved asphalt parking lot + walkways
  • Webster School & Webster School Extension
    • AC installation + Tot Lot
    • Renovated 13 classrooms on 1st floor of old EHS
    • New HVAC + new furniture + tech upgrades
  • Sumner G. Whittier School
    • New HVAC + roof
  • Everett High School
    • Reconfiguration of space in the summer of 2018/2019 for Capital Technical Education programs
      • Helped bring more $$$ to schools
  • Established the Summer Jobs Program which would give jobs to all students who completed the application and review students
  • Created 8 vocational technical programs serving 867 students
    • Brings $5,176 more per student in Everett’s budget
    • $4,487,485 increase in Chapter 70 aid funding from Commonwealth
    • Out of district capital technical education tuitions reduced substantially
  • Worked with Charles Lyons and his team to secure 2 Capital Skills grants from the Commonwealth
    • $494,842
    • $124,528
  • Brought the For Kids Only (FKO) program to Everett
  • Established and funded Crimson Kids, a summer camp for Everett students
  • Refinanced debt to generate additional funding for Everett schools
  • Advocated for Student Resource Officers to be present in Everett schools to help build trust between the community and law enforcement
  • Preserving and restoring the historic 115 year old Shute Library
  • Creation of sports tournaments during the summer break such as the summer basketball league

Even as current Everett students receive their education and out of school support, Mayor DeMaria recognizes more has to be done and more will be done. From reducing overcrowding in our schools to ensuring all students have opportunities outside of the classroom to stay safe. The future for Everett’s children is bright under Mayor DeMaria’s administration as he:

  • Plans to build a new high school to alleviate overcrowding in Everett’s school system by using funding from the state
  • Explores the option of moving the Everett stadium to allow for more parking, reduce congestion in the neighborhood and adequate changing facilities for female students

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