Infrastructure and Economy ★ Re-elect Carlo DeMaria for Mayor

Infrastructure and Economy

Since taking office, Mayor Carlo DeMaria has embarked on an ambitious Capital Improvement Plan that has completely transformed Everett. From small improvements around the city to fighting tooth and nail to bring the Encore Resort to Everett, Mayor DeMaria has stimulated Everett’s economy and greatly improved its infrastructure. So far, Mayor DeMaria has accomplished the following:

  • Brought the Encore Resort to Everett which has generated millions in revenue for the city, reduced taxes, and raised property values
    • 4000+ permanent jobs
  • Brought numerous developers into Everett to bring long lasting business to the city
  • Replaced over 30 miles of sewer pipe
  • Upgraded thousands of streetlights to LED
  • Replaced over 2,000 feet of water main
  • Replaced over 100 lead water services
  • Installed a dozen raised crosswalks around the city
  • Continuously repairing and repaving streets and sidewalks everywhere in the city
  • Demolished and repurposed numerous abandoned/ vacant properties
  • Passed inclusionary Zoning and Linkage fees
  • Implemented a program to help first-time homeowners
  • Insured buildings were meeting regulation standards without creating a homelessness issue in the city
  • Updated city hall resources by expanding city hall’s online and remote capabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As Everett continues to grow, Mayor DeMaria has made it a top priority to ensure the city’s infrastructure is able to sustain such large levels of growth. His forward-thinking leadership has enabled the city to plan for the future with ideas and projects such as:

  • Plans to revitalize the land which the current industrial powerplant stands when the plant is decommissioned in 2023
  • Working to upgrade technology capabilities in Everett
  • Seeking to complete Rutherford Ave Project & Wellington Circle Study
  • Further reclaim and repurpose vacant and abandoned properties

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