Seniors ★ Re-elect Carlo DeMaria for Mayor


Mayor DeMaria has always listened to residents to hear their concerns and what they want to see in the city. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Everett, his administration alongside his colleagues reached out to Everett’s seniors to ensure all their needs and concerns were met for the sake of their health and safety. Even before the pandemic, Mayor DeMaria has:

  • Tripled The Council on Aging’s programming at the Senior Center to fight issues like isolation
  • Introduced Heart Healthy Exercises to ensure the well-being of seniors at The Connolly Center
    • Tai Chi
    • Zumba
    • Chair Yoga
    • Low Impact Aerobics
  • Created a line item to provide seniors with transportation to and from medical appointments, as well as senior shopping shuttles
  • Created a partnership with the Mystic Valley Elder Services, The Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Mass Councils on Aging, and CHA
    • Helps provide home health programs, self care, free legal advice
    • Brings in over $150,000 in grant money annually
    • SHINE counseling (Medi-gap insurance)
    • Nutrition health
  • Created and expanded home delivery meal service to provide groceries and healthier meals to seniors
  • Established Senior Food Pantry Days, and Senior Meals + Grocery delivery during the COVID-19 Pandemic

For decades, our seniors have given to our beloved city and taken care of it. Mayor DeMaria recognizes their long term dedication to Everett and realizes that giving back and ensuring our seniors are properly cared for isn’t just a short term project. While the pandemic may have been an obstacle for all of Everett, Mayor DeMaria plans to bring positive change to Everett’s senior citizens by:

  • Completely renovating our beloved Connolly Center
  • Creating an age friendly environment across the city
  • Expanding daily programing for seniors
  • Increasing senior housing availability across the city
  • Finish the St. Therese Project which will create 77 units of affordable housing for seniors, with a state of the art health center 

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