Transportation ★ Re-elect Carlo DeMaria for Mayor


Mayor Carlo DeMaria has prioritized mobility for Everett’s most underserved residents and is working to create a system to encourage more people onto public transit and off of our congested streets. When most people thought a dedicated bus lane and bus prioritization along Broadway was impossible and probably disastrous, Mayor DeMaria pushed through the negativity and created a model that the rest of the region now enjoys. Since his first term, he has:

  • Created dedicated bus lanes which have been mimicked throughout the State and Nation.
    • 1st Bus Lane in a rotary in the United States (Sweetser Circle)
  • Created dedicated bike lanes which offer environmentally friendly and cost-effective means of transportation.
  • Joined Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville in adding 9 BlueBike stations throughout the city
  • Created access to open spaces such as the Mystic River and Lower Broadway by extending the bike path and trail system throughout Everett. This allows direct access from Everett and other communities to the Mystic River and the City of Boston.
  • Created and implemented Transportation Demand Ordinance which requires developers to reduce the number of vehicle trips to and from the proposed project or development while making contributions to the City’s transportation system.

As Everett continues to move into the 21st Century, Mayor DeMaria envisions Everett to become a pioneer in alternative transportation accessibility. From all bus lanes around the region to being painted Everett Crimson Red to reducing travel times for 15,000 commuters, Everett is on a path to become not just a state model, but a national model. Mayor DeMaria believes that can be accomplished by doing the following:

  • Establish more walking and biking paths connecting Everett directly with Boston
  • Electrify the commuter rail to help reduce pollution and increase efficiency and reliability
  • Establish a direct path between Everett and Assembly Row
  • Increase accessibility to the MBTA, including but not limited to the Silver Line
  • Further reduce dependency on motor vehicles and encourage developers to provide alternative means of transportation

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